Why the Drama?

I know what you’re thinking. Another freakin mom blog. Another person to give us advice about parenting and tell us about her perfect little life and her perfect little children. Haha…that’s not why I’m here.

My life was perfect before. I had the perfect husband. We had an independent 8 year old who could make her own bagels in the morning and wipe her own ass. Her time was spent between our house and her mom’s so when we didn’t have her, we traveled and took amazing vacations…just the two of us. We actually had money to spend on stupid shit. We were the cutest little couple who never fought, who went to the bars whenever we wanted, and who could have sex anywhere in the house. We were organized and our house was always clean. We had it all. Then came the Oliver Takeover.

The day my son was born, our perfect little world came crashing down…and it’s the best damn thing that’s ever happened to us. Our world isn’t perfect…some days, the only word I can think to describe it is chaos. Our house is always a mess (and I know my mother-in-law probably has an opinion about that). We can’t go anywhere without being late, and a night at the bar requires two weeks of advanced planning. And sex?? Well, we put it on the calendar, but by the time the night arrives, we are too damn tired.

Before Oliver arrived, I read all the parenting books. I wrote down a feeding schedule and a sleeping schedule (for both me and him). I made growth charts so I could track his development (and they were so pretty and organized). And as soon as I brought him home, all that shit was out the window. So, I’m not here to give you parenting advice (although I may tell you the shit that doesn’t work). I’m not here to offend you (but I can guarantee at some point I will). I’m just here to tell you my story. A working mom, with a working husband, an 8 year old step-daughter, and a 5-month old son. A normal person trying to figure this parenting shit out…one day at a time. Welcome to Mama Drama.

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