Five things you ALSO become when you become a daddy…

Okay ladies, let’s face it. We don’t give men enough credit. As much as my “super-mommy” brain doesn’t want to admit it, I have to. I’ve never had a real father figure. So I never really thought dads were all that important. The things I learned from my father showed me everything I didn’t want for my kids. A while back, I wrote this article called, “Five things you ALSO become when you become a mommy,” and after I published it, I realized that my husband has had to change, too. And that he was nothing like my father. And it got me thinking. All dads out there aren’t bad. In fact, many of them are freaking amazing! My husband showed me that. So here are some things that (I’m guessing) even my own husband had no idea he would become…

  1. The Eater of All Left-Overs. We all know that wasting food is bad. And as much as we try not to do it, sometimes, there’s just no choice. Unless you have a dad in your house. We order pizza, probably more than we should. Then, when it gets down to the last piece, you know Daddy wants it. But so does your kid. So what does Daddy do? He trades that last piece for the leftover crust that your kid chewed on, but refused to eat. Or sometimes, we’ll be sitting around the table and there’s that all-too-familiar food war. “Mommy, this is yucky.” “Mommy, I don’t like it.” “Mommy, I’m full. Can I have a popsicle?” We fight and we fight, trying everything possible to get them to eat. And just as Mommy is ready to pull her hair out, Daddy says, “FINE!!! I’ll eat it. But you’re not getting anything else!” Then, he calmly scrapes the cold green beans and a half-eaten piece of chicken onto his plate, covers them in hot sauce, and finishes them off. THANK THE LORD, the war is over…until next time.
  2. Mr. Fix-It. Let’s talk about this for a second. Yep, your husband might have been handy around the house before kids. But having a kid takes it to a whole different level. For example, at your toddler’s birthday party…You know how there’s always that one freaking person who decides to get your kid the noisiest, most complicated, most annoying gift ever? Usually it comes in a box that says “Some Assembly Required.” And the minute it’s unwrapped, THAT’S the gift your kid wants to play with. WTF?!! Typically at the toddler parties I’ve been to, I see mommy sitting with junior (or junior-ette), smiling, sweating, and trying to get the presents to the kid as fast as she can. But…who does she hand that super complicated gift to the minute it’s so viciously torn from the wrapping paper? You guessed it…Daddy! Daddy then spends the next 25 minutes throwing away the instructions, and assembling this gift that you kid is going to break within ten seconds. But he does it. Over and over. Why? Because that’s what dads do. Need batteries? Ask Daddy. Your toy car broke? Ask Daddy. Your race track needs assembled? Ask Daddy. You want to build a fort out of cardboard boxes? Ask Daddy.
  3. A Professional Bear-Hugger. I just told my husband the other day that moms are here for band-aids, snuggles, and kisses. Which is true. But every time we’ve had a real breakdown, it’s time for Daddy. There’s something about a dad’s arms that are so amazingly comforting; and it’s something I can’t do. I’ve seen my son sobbing uncontrollably, and as I keep trying to kiss him and console him, I end up crying myself. But dads have a way of staying calm. Keeping their emotions at bay. And keeping their shit together. So, Daddy comes in. He wraps my son up in his big hairy arms, and it’s like the world stops. And the amazing part…it also works on full grown women. I can’t count the times I’ve looked at my husband, and he just knew I needed one of those hugs. And it works like a charm. Every. Damn. Time.
  4. The Sexiest Man Alive. Now I’m not talking about the times when he’s lying on the couch scratching his ball sack (because dads do that, too). I’m talking about the times when I get to watch him interact with our kids. I don’t know about you, ladies, but when I watch my husband play with our kids; when I watch him teach my son to ride a bike; when I watch him give advice to our almost-teenage daughter; there’s no better sight in the world. Dads are the ones the kids go to for fun. For rocking out to music, dancing their booties off, playing ball in the yard. And a good dad is damn sexy. Even though sometimes I don’t want to be poked in the back by my husband’s “man junk” under the covers after the kids are in bed, there’s still no one else I’d rather be poked by. He’s my everything; and he gets sexier every day. (Damn him!)
  5. The Idol. Not only do my kids already look like they were dug out of my husband’s ass, they want to be just like him. So much so, that sometimes I’m like, “Heeeeeeyyy, Mommy is pretty cool too, ya know!” But really, no one is as cool as Daddy. My children have made that very clear. They idolize him. My son tells me, “Daddy’s truck is faster, Mommy’s car is slow.” My daughter tells me, “Vikings Rule, Packers Drool.” (Yes, I married a Vikings Fan. I know…yuck.) They want to dress like him. They repeat the things he says. They really do watch his every move, and sometimes I don’t think he even knows it. They watch the way he doesn’t sweat the small stuff. They watch the way he turns any situation into something fun. They watch the way he treats people. The way he walks, the way he talks, and the way he loves all of us. And even though sometimes it makes me a bit jealous, I think to myself, “What better role model could they have?”

Though we don’t always realize it, dads are sometimes the glue that hold us all together. Yes, I’m a strong woman, but when it comes time for real strength, I look to my husband. Our marriage isn’t perfect. No one’s is. But when it comes time to push through and keep our family happy, healthy, and together, I look to my husband. And my kids do too. Every single day, I thank God that we have him.


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