Tonight I wished upon a star…

I was sitting outside, taking a break from the day: work, making dinner, kids, and the 18 billion loads of laundry I had been working on. It was beautiful outside; quiet; just me and the stars. As I looked up to the sky, I saw a shooting star. I haven’t seen one of those since I was a kid. It reminded me of camping in the back yard in Texas; laying outside, looking up, and not a care in the world.

Then I remembered…You’re supposed to make a wish when you see a shooting star!!! Ooooh, what should I wish for? That, my friends, was a very loaded question…

What do you wish for when you’re a 27 year old working mother of two? (Three if you count my husband…) Do I wish to get out of debt so I can better support my family? Do I wish to give my kids everything they could ever want? Do I wish they can grow up in a world free of collusion, corruption, and crime? Do I wish that they get to live the “American Dream?” Ha… yeah right.

The “American Dream” was first defined by James Truslow Adams in 1931. He said “life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement” regardless of social class or circumstances of birth. But how is this possible anymore?

As I turn on the TV or scroll through my news feed, I see nothing but politicians bashing each other, and in turn, their supporters arguing about their differences. I see people spending millions upon millions to promote the election, and yet we sit here and wonder how America should get out of debt. I’ve heard candidates talk about how people of certain races should be banned from this country. I’ve heard about lies and cover-ups, and all the dirty laundry each candidate has. I’ve heard celebrities talk about “leaving the country” if certain candidates are elected. And I’ve read the endless debates on social media. I’m tired of it all. I’m ready for everyone to keep their damn opinions to themselves.

How does this behavior make life “richer and fuller” for anyone? I saw a meme the other day on Facebook that said “Choosing who to vote for this year is like choosing the STD that I’d be most okay with having.” And by the way I see this election going…the way I see grown ass adults acting like children…it makes me not want to vote at all – I’m not okay with having an STD. Because I don’t see any of them doing anything to make the future for my children better.

We know how it goes. We hear all the promises and hope for a better future. But it never happens. It scares me to think that these people are supposed to be who my children will someday aspire to be. It scares me to think that there may not be a future for my kids. Or worse, they live in a future full of debt, regulated by crooked politicians. I want my children to have opportunity; I want them to be able to achieve anything they set their sights on; I want them to make decisions on their own accord; I want them to be free.

So what does a 27 year old working mom of two wish for? Something that I believe my kids will never get the opportunity to experience…The real fucking American Dream.


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