Can we address this “police brutality” crap?

This is kind of “off-topic” from my normal blog, but I am so tired of seeing this police brutality crap in the news. I know this might stir up some drama, but at this point, I don’t care. We’ve all seen it. I’m talking about the shit that’s all over Facebook and Twitter. The riots, the number of police officers being killed, and the people that think all cops hate black people. (I don’t know if that’s the correct term, so if it’s not, please don’t call me racist.) I have a friend that’s a cop, and he’s one of the nicest guys I know.

Most recently in the news, there was a sixteen year old girl “assaulted” by a police officer in her classroom. It’s been in everyone’s news feeds, and if you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here. The officer’s name was Ben Fields and he was fired because of this incident.

From the perspective of this video, it looks like a completely innocent girl attacked by a police officer. But here’s my question: Did anyone take a video of what led up to this alleged “attack?” And did you know that the kids from this school protested this officer’s termination, holding up signs outside their school saying “Free Fields?” … Apparently he wasn’t that bad after all.

Everyone commenting on this story talks about the poor girl’s history and trouble at home, and justifies her actions of misbehaving and repeatedly disobeying her teacher and the officer. If that were my daughter in the video, I’d whoop her little ass. And let me tell you, it’d be a lot worse than what she got.

Serial killers have bad childhoods too. Does that make their actions justifiable as well? Seriously, Ted Bundy killed 50-100 people and ended up in the electric chair. Because he had a bad childhood, should we say that it’s okay that he misbehaved?

There was another story a while back where a young black man robbed a gas station with a gun and was shot and killed by an officer. The parents of this man were later on the news reporting what a good boy this young man was, saying there was no reason he should have died. If your child is such a good boy, why the hell was he robbing a gas station at gunpoint in the first place? Yep, we’ve all been broke, but my mama taught me way better than that.

Here’s why I’m tired of all this… People everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon, saying police officers use excessive force, they’re racist, and have unjust cause for their actions. But if we didn’t have police officers, do you have any idea how crazy this country would be? Just because there might be one bad apple in the bunch does not make all police officers bad.

I think it’s time that parents step up and take responsibility. If your kid is going to act like a hood rat, then he’s going to be treated like a hood rat. You know what happens to rats? We call the exterminator. Teach your children to respect their elders. Respect their teachers instead of posting videos of beating them up. Respect police officers instead of gunning them down. And if you can’t teach them to respect the people that matter, how the hell do you know if they respect you?


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