To All You Mom “Experts” Out There…

You are not an expert. So Please…SHUT UP!

You know who I am talking about. And you know if you’re one of them. The ones who say, “You shouldn’t let Oliver have his binky anymore.”

Or how about “You should breast feed until he tells you he doesn’t want to anymore.” So, when my kid is walking around and talking and eating a slice of pizza, instead of a juice, I should whip out my boob and give him a cold hard nipple because he hasn’t told me he doesn’t want it anymore?

Or better yet… “That Gerber rice cereal is just empty calories and there’s no nutritional value.  You shouldn’t feed your kid that.” Okay, because the “VitaBlocks” summary of nutrition on the side of the container says otherwise, but I’m sure you’re right. You’re the expert after all. Maybe you should contact the FDA and report this problem…

Or “You should put Vicks on the bottom of their feet.” Pretty sure my kid isn’t breathing through his feet, but I’m sure you’re right.

Guess what, you mom experts? I read just as many freaking parenting books as you did. Actually, with my personality, I probably read even more than that. I also read all the blogs, all the internet articles, and all of the scholarly research and studies conducted by the ACTUAL experts.

AND, there are tons of things you do that I can’t stand. Things I absolutely disagree with. Like breastfeeding until your kid is tall enough to reach your boob standing up. And like sleeping in the same bed with your kid. And this whole “attachment parenting” mumbo jumbo. But, I don’t tell you that. And I don’t tell you how to parent your kid. So please, keep your bullshit to yourself.

Because when it comes to my kids and my family, you MOST CERTAINLY are not the expert. I am.



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