What to do with the Christmas Aftermath

Holy Sh*T! My kids are S-P-O-I-L-E-D. Seriously. You should have seen my living room the day after Christmas. I’m fairly certain a flock of Christmas elves flew over our house and shit presents all over it. So there I was, sitting in a living room full of toys, all still in the boxes. And one of them was possessed. I shit you not…

baby-phone-toyWhen I was shopping for Oliver a couple weeks before, I picked out this cute toy phone with colored buttons. When you push the buttons, it says what color it is. When I threw it in the cart, it said, “RED!” in a squeaky little child voice. I figured I accidentally pushed the button. Then, as I carried it in the house, I hear… “RED!” Again, must’ve pushed the button. Wrapped it. “RED!” WTF!

Then, as I was sitting there the day after Christmas pulling my hair out because my house was a wreck, I hear… “RED!” Are you kidding me? I wasn’t touching it. Nobody was. Nobody had touched it for two damn days. “RED!” That’ll be soothing when he’s in his crib, scared in the middle of the night. “RED!” We’re taking the batteries out of that one!

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yea, my kids. They are spoiled. I had to buy Ollie one of those cube storage shelf things. And when I went through all his shit, there were toys in there still in the package… Granted, he is 5 months old and not big enough to play with most of them yet… but STILL! Madison’s room is the same way. I’m pretty sure she has toys in there that she got last Christmas that have never seen the light of day. So what are we going to do? (I should’ve just pulled it out and re-wrapped it…they wouldn’t know the difference!) But no, we are going to get rid of that shit!

Now, I don’t mean that we are going to throw it all away…We’re going to go through all of her stuff, and in order to make room for the new stuff, Madison can choose what stuff she wants to donate. I’m hoping that it’ll help teach her that there are other kids out there who are less fortunate, it’ll teach her values, and how to provide support to our community. I was looking around, and there are quite a few places that accept gently used toys here in Omaha:

  • Together Omaha – They’re a homeless prevention organization.
  • The Open Door Mission – They provide shelter, meals, and help those in poverty.
  • Goodwill – Everyone loves Goodwill. They not only provide cost-effective toys, clothes, and household items, they also provide education, skills training, and jobs!
  • The Salvation Army – While they won’t take some stuff, they still take bicycles, stuffed animals, DVDs, clothes, and most household items.

So, when you’re pulling your hair out in the aftermath of Christmas, think of the good it’ll bring. Go through all your kid’s stuff, and figure out what you really don’t need to keep. Do some good with all the extra stuff, and teach your spoiled-rotten kids a valuable lesson in the process…


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