A Letter to Every Deadbeat Parent

Jimmy was six years old. He waited all week for the weekend to get here so he could see his dad. Daddy called and said he was on his way. Jimmy sat on the porch, backpack ready, bursting with excitement over all of the fun things he and his dad would do this weekend. Jimmy waited…and waited. And Daddy never came. His excitement soon turned to despair…then disappointment. Why did Daddy not come get me? Is he hurt? Is he mad at me? Does he still love me?

Jenny was thirteen. She played in the orchestra at school and earned first chair and a solo at the school concert. She couldn’t wait for the concert to show her parents that all those splitting headaches they suffered as she practiced had a purpose. She finally made something of herself. As she got ready for her big debut that night, she curled her hair and picked out an outfit that was sure to stand out so her parents could see her. She made it to the concert hall, and took the stage, nerves and all. As she looked out at the audience, she saw her dad…and an empty chair where her mom was supposed to be. She had fifteen minutes until her solo, so she told herself she was just stuck in traffic. She waited. And Mommy never came. Is she mad at me? Does she still love me?

No child should ever have to experience this. No child should ever wonder why his parents never loved him. So to all you deadbeat parents out there…here’s a big FAT fuck you. That’s right, I said it… F-U-C-K you!

Your child did not get to choose whether or not to be brought into this world. You made the choice for him. Your child did not get to even choose who his parents were. Again, that’s a choice YOU made for him. I never really thought much of this until I had a kid of my own…and even though the little shit might be fussy sometimes or cry when it’s inconvenient, I love that fucking kid with every ounce of my being. He is the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see before I go to bed. And that’s exactly how it should be.

I’m not super mom, and would certainly never claim to be. But if you didn’t plan on acting like a parent, you should’ve never had kids in the first place. The moment you decided to bring a child into this world, all your other priorities were no longer that important…at least that’s how it should have been. Your nights of partying should have stopped. Your life should have had a new meaning. Your world should have been flipped on its head and you should have loved every minute of it. But you didn’t.

You should have done everything in your power to be there for your kids. You should’ve paid your child support. You should’ve given up drugs because your kids meant more. You should have cherished every waking moment with your kids. But you didn’t.

My children bring a joy to my life that I have never before experienced. They make me laugh, they make me cry, and they are always there with innocent smiles after I have had a shitty day. So to you deadbeat parents…your children really aren’t losing anything. YOU are losing everything…but that’s okay, because you didn’t deserve them anyway.


2 thoughts on “A Letter to Every Deadbeat Parent

  1. I agree with this but it makes me mad that both examples slam dads, there are many moms out there who do the same damn thing. and while im on a rant, how about al the 2 parent in the household families that parents do the exact same thing, yet they arent deadbeats in most peoples eyes.


    1. Hi there! I completely agree with you. There are just as many deadbeat moms as there are dads. That’s why I titled it the way I did. My examples are the way they are because that’s what we experienced as kids (my siblings and I). But yes, you are 100% correct. One should be about a mom. Thanks for the input… :0) glad you read it!


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