Boom! Insta-Family

I’m gonna take you back…and start at the beginning. Five years ago, my life was very different. I was 20 years old, worked as a receptionist, and a single train wreck loving life. And yes, I said train wreck. I lived four blocks from my favorite neighborhood bar that I wasn’t actually old enough to drink in…but I did anyway.

I would go to work, then go to the bar, then home to do my homework. (I wrote the best papers when I was drunk…don’t judge me.) My friends and I would stay out all night, and then even stay for “after hours.” We were young and wild and free. We even earned the name “Backyard Brawlers.” Be impressed, be very impressed.

Then one day, a friend of mine brought this handsome fella into the bar, and I was hooked. That’s what I wanted…him. He wasn’t my normal type…he was a fat guy…with back hair. Little did I know, I would someday love that back hair. (I know, you’re picturing Christian Grey…) He was my 50 shades.

I pursued him, and he didn’t really want a relationship. Let’s be honest…I was probably borderline stalker. I had been seeing other guys, but for some reason this hairy fat guy was the one I wanted. My priorities changed, and all of a sudden, I found myself wanting to give up my crazy fun single life and become a family woman.

And finally…my crazy stalker tactics worked. I won! I moved in with the man of my dreams and never looked back. We were married soon after…and BOOM! Insta-Family. My Friday nights turned from drunken adventures to watching Bubble Guppies with my new husband and new daughter. WHOA! What did I get myself into?

Little did I know this Insta-Family would be the biggest adventure of my life…


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